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Howl EP

by Little Coyote

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released June 13, 2014

All songs recorded by John Cobbin at Moonlight Recording Studios, Brookvale | Vocals recorded and engineered by Jay Collie at BellBird Studios | All songs mixed and mastered by Wade Keighran at Linear Recording Studio, Leichhardt | Sound Recording ℗ 2014 janeenglish



all rights reserved


Little Coyote Sydney, Australia

Little Coyote is your guide down the rabbit hole into tripped-out-alt-indie-rock.

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Track Name: Water Runs Dry
Back I’m a walking pill
better rock in standing still
body rocking back and forth
the beast eats all day

I’m a loss the loss in will
and the boss the wasp it kills
when your trying to grasp it
‘cause the do it all day

Pick a muck up blood suck four eyed suck up for my pedigree
when a lucky bastard takes the passage to the crystal sea
when I lock up take the bait and kill ‘em cut ‘em set ‘em free
I'm fading my escape has gotta go down.

The more I see the less I know
and I have seen it all unfold
the story of the mind gets told
and I’ve been played again
Timeless dreaming all my life
and I've been there to hypnotise
a wasted time is no time on the edge
…to leave it all behind.

Down to The Secret wall
where you pass If your walking tall
I hear the hounds
blood found on the way

Hey gotta pay your toll
or the door will sure close
but my accomplice doesn't see it that way

And sure enough the Seeing Eye it takes a twisted tone,
you understand this shit for me is child's play


Games, my mind in open flames
My body's on the wall,
this light has opened ways
time plays upon us all.
And through the Open door
this fantasy is a lie, so when its time to go

The Water Runs Dry
Track Name: Howl
Cascades like sand in the passage of time
Lay down black waves on the waste of your mind
Flame stained dream state in a straightjacket tea
Play star light games thinking you'll disappear

Howl (x3)
How Could I

Kings burn black jacks in a waste paper scene
High class pink lipped coloured mass magazine
I took too much and it's breaking the mind
White paws red pills tripping over lines

Howl (x3)
How could I

Then you take all must confection
only panning through a glass slate of gleams
And we take too much from only
and I think that you know what I mean
Then we seem to complicate
all the passages flowing that's deep in my head
And I complicate my message

Cascades like sand in the passing of time yeah
I'll get you to change your mind yeah (yeah)
Vine brew two moors taking fakes at the seams
Black sands you can't find the sea cause you’re too close to disappear Yeah!

Howl (x2)
How Could I

How Could I
Track Name: Overflow
Rise up and grab what you can cause this hour is getting real late
now were playing death games you fade away problems unfold
Too much pressure not enough time brings me to the ground
if it fills you up then your bound to overflow

Seeing dawn I pause in facing
see you breathing away

Get out 'cause your losing control
and your twisting me shaking my roots
now you play every hand as I'm laying out all of my moves

You got a way that breaks me and strips me down
till it seems all the same

Gaming horizon I see this vessel overflow lady seamstress(ed) too much gold
I play in fields made of dreams in the greatest unknown.
Sly like an old blade I hold 'em down and I say wait come back there's too much at stake
You're breaking me back here I’m paying all of my dues

Seems to save me
I fall embracing and
come undone